Shirley Upper House

The Blog

The Meraki Guide is a Hong Kong-based food, lifestyle and travel blog. 

Meraki (verb) is a Greek word meaning to do something with love, creativity and soul. I started this blog because I have a penchant for sharing recommendations and a fondness for creating visual content, so The Meraki Guide is the result of bringing together two of my greatest passions. 

If you're a lover of aesthetic visuals and are keen to discover hidden gems, then The Meraki Guide is for you. Whether it’s a new brunch place to catch up with old friends, a quaint cafe for an afternoon of reading, an outdoors workout to try or exciting ideas for your next holiday getaway, I hope The Meraki Guide inspires you to continue exploring, experiencing and living life to the fullest. 

The Writer

Hi, I'm Shirley. 23, foodie, coffee addict, design enthusiast, wanderlust, INFJ. Currently studying Graphic Design at Parsons School of Design in New York.

Born in Melbourne, raised in Hong Kong, studied at Oxford (fun fact - I read biological sciences before pursuing graphic design).


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